Sunday, 31 October 2010

What did I miss?

Ok so a month and a half is a long vacancy....soory about that. Thats what a broken laptop and Halo Reach does to you! Laptops still not fixed, so piggybacking the missus' for the time being..

So its gonna be a long post....both 40k and video games to talk about!

First up...the immediate cause of my dissapearace...Halo Reach!

Simply brilliant game, with a proper review to come soon. Single player is shortish, so played it through on solo heroic and legendary in 3-4 days. But the multiplayer is where its at. Some stuff, as per usual is broken, glitchy, over powered, underpowered but overall its great. New modes like Invasion spice up the already great Halo 3 multiplayer and armour abilities just mix it up more. With the rank cap coming off very soon, and the first map pack to bring more variety to it, it will continue to improve

And now my future....40k bits!

First off been busy preparing and play testing for a double tournement in my local area. Playing my Tau with my mates Imperial Guard Armoured Company and in play testing its a hella scary gun line. Against double Eldar list we killed 2 Wraithlords and an Avatar in one turn of shooting. Feeling good about our chances, as long as theres not too much assault stuff.

And Dark Eldar! Yes my dark kindred return to tabletops in force. The new codex is wonderful, still waiting on mine...but the rules are hard, the fluff is wonderful and the models simply perfect. Thinking of a Hemo/Wych cult mix with aircraft in support....

Photos of mucho Tau stuff to come when i get my laptop back!

See you laters!