Thursday, 27 May 2010

Eldar. Treading water in 5th ed?

I have a large Eldar army. 9000 points large. It was my first army and it continues to grow (just started work on my 4th Wraithlord and will soon add one of the awesome new nightspinners and my 4th fire prism in. But reading the BoLs forum recently i happened upon a thread talking about what Eldar need to modify everything that already exists to work.

This list included lots of USR's to squad, free exarches and a few other things but the big two that caught my eye were;
All tanks/vypers/Wraithlords take a shuriken cannon as there default, already included in the price, not expecting us to have to pay for it
Make it a skill army. Increase WS and BS by 1 to represent 1000's of years of training.

I've heard this 2nd one before and i still think its a good idea. Eldar are no longer physic master (like they should be) or the most mobile army (like they should be) why not make them the most practised? We're a glass cannon army that have trained for 1000's of years but get outshot by guardsmen.

Also our skimmers are overpriced. End of Argument (give all tanks the serpents energy field rules and then maybe we're talking)

Just have to wait patiently for our new codex (mid to late next year at the absolute earliest), the FW book we're in (IA10) and a look at the dark eldar book when it gets out to see what we might expect.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Argh one exam down

Nothing beats the feeling of coming out of an exam feeling like you've knocked it out of the park.

Heres the gun drone i've done in between revision to blow off a little steam. Think its looks pretty good. Bit darker than the ones in the codex in the colour scheme but i like it. Bit more camoflagey than a bright orange. Well as camoflagey as a shade of orange will ever get in a grey city scape.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Exams and bleurgh

Who knew the final exams at the end of a 4 year degree in Aerospace engineering would be so hard?

Microstructural characterisation and spectroscopy (and thats just the name of the module) is evil. Who sets questions on something he's never mentioned before in lectures, is not in the notes and was only discovered last year when it won the Nobel prize? Argh!

In other more blog-orientated news Spearhead gets released in a few days. i was hoping to have read it by now in my housemates early subscriber White Dwarf but its not turned up yet, so i wait like everyone else. The idea of massive tank battles is good by me, last time i played an apoc game i only fielded an Eldar tank host...3000 points of tanks is pretty. With only 2 Tau tanks so far they won't reach the table, but my Ulthwe tank host, with the addition of a new fire prism and nightspinner should be a good game :D. That against my housemates Imperial fist armoured company...looking forward to it.

Well back to it...8 days of revision and 7 hours of exams and i'll be no longer a student!

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Been pretty busy so far so not had much time to post anything. In the middle of my exams so not doing a lot of gaming or modelling so when they're all over (15 days) and there should be more stuff coming!

Alright sorry about the awful picture, first time trying to photo a model...
Well theres a test model, my Kroot shaper in my newly started Tau army. Pretty happy with how its turned out for a few hours work. Never fails to amaze me how quickly the pile of paints on my desk grows as i paint a model, and just how many are in it by the end. Starts with camo green, snakebite leather and a devlan mud wash, and before long theres scab and blood red, gold, bronze, bleached bone, shadow grey, ice blue, black, red washes, white, yellow, khaki, tau sept ochre and a few others...

Anyway back to revision. Rest of this guys squad and my work in progress stealth suits to come!

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Well Introductionary Post!

Well guess i'd better set this up after thinking it through a while. Doubt anyone will read it but hey i like to say stuff!

As the name suggests i'm going to talk a lot about my two hobbies. Those being 360 (and wii, ds and little bit of pc) gaming and Warhammer 40K. Both pretty geeky i'll admit but both really fun! An obviously a bit expensive. With one game being £40 and a box for a model looking at £18 its not suprising i'm poor. Combine into that i'm supposed to be a student living off beans and 2p noodles and life is pretty hectic. Then balence doing a Masters Degree in what equates to rocket science and well i'm sure you can understand i'm pretty busy!

I'll think of something actually constructive to say soon. In the mean time go play the Reach beta!