Wednesday, 30 January 2013

5th! Not bad out of 40 people!

Yeah. 5th. Well joint 4th....but lost out on VP's (i have issues with the VP system - playing 2 killpoint games, and both of them for me against small armies really limited me. Especially since I tabled 3/4 of my opponents)

1250 points, 4 games. I won 3 out of my 4.

I was using;

Dark Apostle
11 Cultists
10 Cultists
10 Marines, Lascannon and Melta
5 Spawn, MoN
Dragonboy, Flamer
3 Bikers, 2 Melta
2 Oblits, MoN
Defence Line Quad Gun

So a pretty balanced list, especially compared to some that were fielded (like my game 4)

Game 1 - Chaos Marines. Flying DP with Black Mace, Dragon, 2 x2 Oblits, 2 Rhinos full of CCw Marines, unit of cultists
O boy. The dice were not on my opponents side. His Dp took 2 wounds from the Quad Gun, landed assaulted my unit of cultists. Round 1 of combat....Deamon Weapon rolled a 1. Took a wound. Killed 2 cultists  I lost NONE to the mace. Round 2....rolled another 1. Deamon prince killed himself for the sum of 2 cultists. Woot. His CCW marines all got out their rhinos and stood in nice tight groups to shoot my spawn....just before my dragon turned up. Between the flamer and subsequent vector strike he killed all 8 in one squad, 4 in the other. His dragon turns up late, fails to Vector strike my dragon then gets intercepted by the quad gun. And blown up. Immediately. I win with a tabling

Game 2 - Loyalist Marines. 2 Contemptors, 3 tac squads, attack bike, Loth and Honour Guard
My Loss. I had my opponents bad luck here. The Maulerfiend failed a 6" charge (with his fleet!). The Spawn failed a 4" charge....again with fleet. When the Maulerfiend hit home against the Contemptor...out of 7 total attacks, plus 3 melta attacks I got 2 pens. Both of which his 6++ saved. As it was 1 objective each and i lost First Blood, i lost. (Incidentally this was my friend, who i've only ever beaten once in 5 years...he came 16th overall after drawing the overall winner in his 3rd game - gunline marines do not like massed Flamers and Screamers)

Game 3. Eldar. Got seized on. His Warwalkers butchered a lot of spawn before i even moved. Maulerfiend made a 11" charge and smashed them apart in return, followed by a Wave Serpent before meeting the Fire Dragons. Obliterator with plasma rifles, rolled double 6 to pen a Prism, only to have a double six rolled for cover saves. Came down to last possible dice, with dragon burning his last 2 dire avengers out of existence  giving me a narrow win. Was an unpleasant close game, but as i got seized on and didn't have my choice of table ends....i consider it a win

Game 4. Chaos. The list i had wanted to avoid playing. 3 Dragons, 2 DP's and 2 units of cultists. Eeep. Started with just DPs on board (was Kill Points). My luck returned to me here. The Maulerfiend butchered one DP (ID for the Win), the spawn held the other for a long time (he made 17 out of 19 3+ saves...) before dying off, but he immediately caught the lascannon and rapid fire plasma guns of the marines and oblits. The cultists came on in the same place, at the same time, got burned by the dragon, failed both Ld tests and ran straight back off. His dragons....Lorgar was smiling on me! Came in one at a time, and one after another intercepted by the Quad gun and killed before doing anything. So I won, with a tabling but it could have gone very different and i felt a bit dirty by the end.

Overall was a great competition. Winners were Deamons, Deamons + Crons (with 4 fliers in 1250...). Urgh.

My next comp is a superheavy tournie down in Brighton, but after that is a 1500 comp. I like my list as it stands and so am just adding to it. The extra 250 points gives me;
- A Third Oblit for the Squad
- Havoc Squad with 4 Autocannons (yes its netlisty, but i run Maulerfiends and Spawn! It balances out)
- Make the 3 bikers up to 5. Adds a little more punch into my attack and makes sure those melta guns reach their target alive.

Until next time. May the light of Chaos guide your way

Monday, 7 January 2013

Dark Heresy - A Techpriests Log

So i've recently been lucky enough to get to play some Dark Heresy with some friends. And so far we are off to a flying start! Its my first real role play experience, bar a session or two of DeathWatch (which is a bit boring IMO).

Novus Xanthis, a tech priest from a Forgeworld is forging (no pun intended) into the Calixus sector, in the company of 2 assassins, a scum, a pysker, a guardsmen and an Arbite. We did have an Adept but he got throughly deadified at the hands of the end boss of our campaign (16 on the critical table....yeah hes dead), so not sure what new character hes drawing up.

I won't post too many plot points as that could ruin the experience for anyone playing the same campaign in the future (it is from one of the books), but some high points so far involve;

- A Sniper who fails every fear test and has spent more time throwing up than shooting
- The big boss catching a double barrell of a shotgun in his face and getting blown through the stained glass window of a church
- A shootout in a crowded marketplace. A bad roll from the guardsman means his shotgun misses and kills 6 innocents. 6 corruption points in 2 seconds....
- An impossible room with a hard fear test. 2 players fail epicly and get 10 insanity points each in one roll
- Being assulted in our beds. And only 1 member out of 7 actually waking up for the first few turns of combat, and then the rest of us fumbling round in the dark to kit up.

Very much enjoying the campaign. Might even get paid soon and buy my first mechandrite.