Thursday, 26 May 2011

New DE and my newest list

Oh aren't they pretty? Now made 2 £150 orders in the last month...nothing new for me for a while!

2 of everything new in box waves, cept for grotesques cos you need a minimum of 3!

And then my army....

DE 1500
HQ (210pts)
Duke Sliscus – 150pts
Hemonculus with Venom Blade and Sting Pistol – 60pts
Troops (625pts)
10 Wracks, 2 Liquifier guns with Acothyst with Venom Blade 135pts
Raider with Flickerfields (70pt)
Warriors x20, With 1 Splinter Cannons, Dark Lance and Sybarite with Pistol and CCW (225pts)
Wych x 11, 1 Razorflail, 1 Shardnet with Hekatrix with Blast Pistol and Agoniser – 195pts
Heavy Support (340pts)
Ravager, 3 Dark Lances, Flickerfield 115pts
Ravager, 3 Dark Lances, Flickerfield 115pts
Talos, Chain Flails 110pts
Fast Attack (172pts)
Reavers x 6,2 with Cluster Caltrops 172pts
Elites (153pts)
4 Incubi, 88pts
Venom with Splinter Cannon 65pts

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

New DE are out!

Thats my post with all the info on them

And now the newsis opinion

Why couldn't that scratchbuilt Talos on the last page have been real? The new cool i guess...and i'll be getting at least 1...but the scratch built looks much nicer

And maybe its just me being silly...but the sprue preview for the Talos and cronos look identical. Not sure why its not just 1 kit? (Turns out it is 1 kit...just being sold as 2)

Venoms and Scourges are perfect. Can't wait to get my hands on some. I like the scourge has 2 choices of can be open so you can see the driver

And the battleforce is nice I guess...but contains no new models, so why it wasn't released at launch I don't know

The customisation in them all looks amazing.

Rumour is a 2nd wave of models in the next 2 weeks as well