Saturday, 30 April 2011

Game Review - Portal 2 (cont)

Co-Op time!

Having had a bit longer with the game I have now played co-op through (3 times with 3 seperate people in fact) and got all 1000 gamerscore, first time i've managed that with a full retail game in a while. a bit good and a bit bad.

The good is the puzzles. Adding a 2nd player, and another 2 portals to play with, the puzzle get big, and complex. By the last few they are a real puzzler for a good while.

The C-op controls are great as well. In addition to normal controls you can view your friends view in a PiP screen at the push of a button. You can also "ping" locations on the course using a button, to highlight what you're talking about or where you want portal. You can also set up a stopwatch function, so you time actions exactly. This last one is particularly useful, as sometimes there can be lag between speaking and the other person hearing it, but accoridng to Valve, the clock is consistant between players

The Bad? Its not as engaging. Yes i've played it through 3 times, but mostly by chatting away. After the first play through you've seen and heard it all, and unlike the single player, it doesn't hold re-playability. Glados' commentary and comments are no where near as engaging as in the single player in Portal 1 or 2, and often fall a little flat.

First time play through? 6-7 hours. Every successive play through, thanks to knowledge on the puzzles...3-4.

Portal 2 Co-Op - 7.5 out of 10

So overall Portal garners an 8.5 out of 10. It's funny...if they'd just released the single player it would have got a higher score...even though its shorter!

Also Valve today announced free DLC for the game, in the form of single and multi player challenge chambers. And apparantly it's going to be free, which is always a big tick in my book...seeing as i'm paying 1200 points for CoD maps in a few days...

40k stuff, I will hope to get an update tomorrow, and soon a review on the Gears 3 beta....

Friday, 22 April 2011

Game Review - Portal 2

40K's been on the back burner for a, games, in-laws visit.

But heres a review for one of the best games i've played in a loooong time. Portal 2

Portal 1 was a revelation. A tiny tech demo almost, that didn't have a story until towards the end, that sparked a huge amount of interest. The humour was sarcastic and dark, perfect for my SoH. The puzzle were mostly great, requiring thought in 4 dimensions and timing on top of that. Some of the exacting timing puzzles were a pain.

Luckily they're mostly gone in Portal 2. No more high energy bouncing pellets to time opening doors for perfectly. Just lots more 4D puzzles. With over 50 test chambers, as opposed to the 19 in game 1, and lots more behind the scenes action its a lot longer. Still, its a little short (about 7 hours) but thats just the single player, i haven't touched co-op yet.

Portal 2 starts with you waking up after being asleep at the end of portal 2 for 9999999... days. You're woken up by the wonderfuly...odd Wheatley (voiced to perfection by Stephen Merchant), who warns you theres a slight chance you might have a severe case of brain damage. From the minute hes asks you to say your name and all you do is jump, the game sets off more of the savagely dark, sarcastic and hilarious comedy.

As the years have passed Apaerture science is in a bad way. But the test chambers from portal 1, act as a tutorial for the game, and seeing them in a new light (usually firelight) brings a lot home. Eventually you go kilometers under the earth and see the original testing centres from when Aperture opened, and was mostly a shower curtain manufaturing company. Here you're guided by Cave Johnson, again perfectly writen and voiced (by the chap who plays J. J. Jameson in the spidermans).

Shortly put this game is brilliant. Theres much more comedy this time, the story is more developed and the puzzles less annoying, but more challenging.

Waiting for my mate to get his copy so i can jump into co-op, but just on a single player front, definently worth a buy, if not a rent.

You won't regret it


Saturday, 9 April 2011

Duke Sliscus, the Serpent

Man I've been busy

Heres my scratchbuild for Duke Sliscus, the Serpent. Hes got a lot more colour on him now, but can't get a good picture on him till I get back

The legs come from one of the raider passengers, with the torso removed at the waist.
The body is part of another raider passenger, using the front half of his torso, trimmed down to fit at the waist.
The cloak comes from a Dark Elf Corsair kit, needed quite a lot of the back already in it removing before it fit, but did in the end, with minimal greenstuffing.
The head comes from the Reaver pack
Blast Pistol and Sword come from the Warriors (I think - They were in my bits bag)
And then hes standing on a pile of skulls from the GW Skulls pack. Was gonna use the individual skulls and some greenstuff, but it came with this pile, that was just the right size

Additionaly finished my succubus and started my 2nd archon.

But now alas, I am off to a IMechE conference in Leeds tomorrow,so not a lot of painting for a few days

Friday, 8 April 2011

Phantom going toe to toe with a Warlord!

Phantom Titan is up for preorder

Shipped 26th April

The experimental rules for it are up as well...and they ARE different to those seen at the open day. Its now more expensive!

New rules are awesome!

13/13/11, Init 3, 3 attacks (Eldar get a AV13 unit! Ha!)
Permanant 5+ save
4+ save if it moved
3+ if it moves flat out and fires no weapons
Pulsar is 4 shots
D cannon now has D3 rolls on the superheavy chart for each hit
Star Cannon is now S6, it was 7 at the open day
The AA weapon is now S 7 ap 3
Missile battery is 4 shots
But its now 2500 points!

Monday, 4 April 2011

FW Open Day - From Someone who was there!

Just a quick recap of what I remember from yesterday...posted this on BoLS Lounge yesterday, but wouldn't let me sign in here, so doing it today!

Theres a few other bits of news coming out, but since I've not been told them, you'll have to track them down!

Phantom Titan

WS 3, BS 4, 12/12/11 Init 2, Attacks 3

8 Structure Points

Don't expect it on sale till Gamesday (which is September here in Blighty).
Comes in at a hefty 2300 points. Features the Cobra cannon, the pulsar (which is 3 shots), the starcannon (3 shots instead of 2), which can be swapped for a pulse laser for free. Also has missile battery (S8 AP3 4 shots) and a AA mounted missile battery (S5 AP5 AA Mount). Usual 4+ invuln if it moved, but can chose to turn driver stunned into gunner stunned, so should only stop moving if it gets immobilised. Has the usual rules for fleeting titans as well, and weapons have a 12" minimum range. Only current other weapon is the sword seen previously. Will hasn't finished making it yet, but the sword comes with a 2nd twin linked starcannon built in. He also hasn't ruled out expanding the line of guns

The lady with the rule book (who i'm sure is an important person, i just don't know her name) said the reaction today towards the rules was mixed, so might be changing. (Personally I'm in the mind they are a little too expensive. 2000 points seems a better point...that fleeting instead of shooting rule is overated IMO)

As for magnetising and weapon swapping, the "torso" component comes with the body, the arm, the elbox joint and the hand. The "Gun" comes attatched to the forearm. So either can be magnetised at both ends, or drill through the arm and have a massive pin/rod from elbow to hand

So those of you wondering this phantom, stood wide legged and stationairy is 24 inches exactly from bottom of base, to top of vanes

Warlock Titan

Will Hayes wants this. And it will happen. But probably not till the next FW Eldar book (his words) so means we get another Eldar book! it'll be the same size as a phantom, but more ornate, with more wraithbone extrusions. He joked about having the psycannon mounted on the side of the arm, so both hands were free for a giant spear


Few months off yet, still finalising the fluff at the beginning. Focuses on Eldar, with some guard and a tiny smidge of Wolves. All eldar models ever made have rules in it, so no need to carry multiple books.

Also the big one...not all models in the books will have models. I asked if there were rules for any models we hadn't seen yet ( a sneaky way of asking if there were more kits for us to see yet). The reply was "Yes, a few more. Also some will have rules that were aren't planning on producing" The Phoenix lord of the spectres was then gestured to. So maybe not getting a model yet?

Artwork is amazing. The pictures of the eldar squadrons stalking through the tundra, with the nights sky are simply astonishing

Shadow spectres get Phoenix Lord, didn't read the stats

Corsairs get Allied DE with craftworlds, and a few new unique units and HQ choices

Solitaire is one of those new HQ. Doesn't make quins troops, is a 0-1 no matter how big the army, not an IC and can carry a vortex grenade in Apoc for 75pts

Apoc data sheets, including one which is a 550pt Avatar, has 2D6 wounds, a 2+ armour save and his wailing doom is upgraded to a Strength D 10" template. However hes still a monstrous creature, not a gargant. He's important in the story as its the avatars last stand so he goes out in a literal blaze of glory. So at the end of the game he takes D6 wounds with no saves of any kind allowed

Phantom Titans rules are above

The Wraithseer is a HQ wraithlord, his physic powers include one which force an enemy unit to take a moral check at -1 or fall back immediatly. Another gives one wraithlord or wraithguard near him fleet (!). And the other, if a friendly wriath unit within 6" dies roll a D6. On a 6 its still alive, with one wound left. It also has a 4+ invulnerable


Dark Eldar

Initial Production and Evaluation on bits has begun. The model on show (with the double hull) is likely to be a light super heavy. I mentioned my theory that DE superheavies would look like Jabbas sail palace from Return of the Jedi he laughed and said they probably would...

Lots of concept art for DE skimmers, one of which was a super charged Ravager, that had 2 floors, each with 3 Dark Lances on both sides

Modular Boards

With the first Fw board expansion available (its very nice) someone said they were looking at expanding a lot more now they've got the technology down, with buildings, ammo dumps, train lines and trench systems forthcoming