Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The reason for the price rise

Once you get over the standard rate of inflation, and expansion in the company what is the price rise caused by? The price of Oil. GW has to deliver its stock to its stores. It has to deliver them internationally, and to homes. It has to order in raw supplies and other bits. And transport isn't cheap. In the UK the price of petrol is up 5p a litre on where it was last year, and over double what it was 10 years ago. Crude oil, the source of 99% of all fuel sources was 71 bucks a barrell in 2010. It was $87 in 2011. Right now its somewhere between 90-100 a barell. Things are more expensive becuase the world is more expensive. Other companies aren't charging more as they don't have the infrastructure. PP or Dust don't have to ship to stres, they can just drop orders off and let someone else deliver for them.

Friday, 18 May 2012

Weighing Eldar Lists

I recently came back from a competition. I did averagely well (2,1,3) for me. So i've set on changing my list. Some stuff on the awesome. Some stuff is decidely not. First of all my old list; HQ Wraithseer. D Cannon – 225pts Farseer – Guide, Fortune, Runes of Warding, Spririt Stones, Singing Spear – 143pts Troops 10 Wraithguard with Spiritseer with Enhance and Singing Spear – 399pts 10 Dire Avengers - 120pts Wave Serpent – Bright Lances and Spirit Stones - 145pts 10 Pathfinders – 240pts Heavy Support 460 Warp Hunter, Holofield 160pts Warp Hunter, Holofield 160pts Fast Attack 1 Hornet, 2 Scatter Lasers 85pts 1 Hornet, 2 Scatter Lasers 85pts 1 Hornet, 2 Scatter Lasers 85pts Now unit by Unit; Wraithseer - Seriously win. Killed untold amounts. Will remove the D Cannon and give it a star cannon instead though. Wraithguard - You need to take a unit to use a Wraithseer, so I went all out and went up the max. Big mistake. Unit costs 399pts. I don't think they even made back that many points in total across 6 games. Stripped down to minimum for next time though. Pathfinder - Brilliant at objective holding, but even when guided never acheived a lot. Cover is too prevalent. Warp hunters - Win on a stick. Definetly using these. Same price as a Fire Prism, but better against nearly everything, doesn't require a 2nd tank to be brilliant and doesn't need LOS. Hornets - Again win. Excellent at shooting or just buzzing around being a nuicance. No cover? Scout move, flat out 4+ save! So changes. Theres 2 possible ideas i'm going with. The one consistant thing - the Wraithguard are going down to bare minimum 3 guys. LIST 1 - Down to 3 Wraithguard - Named Farseer from IA11 - Use his powers, get another heavy support slot, get 2 wraithlords, both with Lances - Probably strip rangers down or remove completly - Another Wave Serpent with Avengers Pros - 3 Monstrous creatures, 4 tanks, 3 light skimmers is a threat Cons - Named Farseer doesn't have Runes of Warding or Guide. List 2 -Down to 3 Wraithguard - Double up the Hornets (3 squadrons of 2) - Use left over points on troops (maybe split into 2 ranger groups, or cut one down and squeeze in Avengers in Serpent or Guardians with Weapon Platform Pros - Hornets are great. 3 sqn's, with 16 S6 shots at BS4 a turn each will hurt nearly anything Cons - Less large target saturation, needs another £100 on FW. And i don't get to use my new awesome Wraithlord Chances are i'll buy 3 more hornets (the rules are awesome, as is the model, and if I magnetise the weapons can be swapped out for Pulse lasers in Apoc games (12 S8 shots will thin any void shields)

Monday, 7 May 2012


With 6th ed implying that Fliers will be rather important, figured it was time to get my DE their first. Hes been sat based, but unpainted in a box since they got released, so it was time to come out Reasonably happy, would have liked some more detailing onto the wings, but couldn't decide on a pattern. I've used the Red of my Bikers with the Blue of my Kabal as the pilot remembers where he came from.
Mor epictures can be found on my thread on BoLS as with all my stuff. GO be friendly! Now 6th ed. I've made my stance on it reasonably clear on the threads on BoLS that i'm heavily against a lot of the new rumours. It also sounds like it'll be released on the 7th July. Which is bad for my cos I fly out on Holiday on that Saturday morning. Least by the time I'll get back everyone will have lots of experience and posts on it!

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Updates will now resume

Trying to post more...but can be hard to think of something to say! Most my opinions seem to come out on the BOLS forum - Always recommended looking in there! Anyways. Wraithlord Number 6!
Since this was taken I've tidied the knees up a lot. Hoping to get him sprayed soon, but as anyone else in fair Britania knows....its a bit wet out there, and since moving I don't have a sheltered outdoor place to spray anymore. So got to wait for it to dry up a bit So spending my time on other things. All these new flier rumours ahve got my ass in gear to start painting one of my two Razorwing fighters. So far its just based, still trying to work out a marking for it to break up the nice flat areas, like the "tribal" art in the DE book. Have had it suggested to try a Wych pin up girl on the side, but think thats out of my reach...