Monday, 28 February 2011


There is a reason!

Figured i should get a 2nd update in this month. There WILL be more this weekend, as my fioncee is away so planning on doing something i've never done before and lay the whole of my entire army out for big "team" photos. All of my armies aren't complete but the hearts there.

As for my reason it's been a whil;e since my post. Been playing games and painting a lot. So just not posting anything. Got 10 warriors, 10 wyches, Lelith, 3 reavers and 1 raider done in the last few weeks. Been busy! They look good, individual pictures will come soon, weather dependanant.

As for gaming...been playing Bulletstorm, Game is awesome. Everyones putting it down cos of the load of bad language. Personally i don't think its particularly over the top. Doesn't affect the game at all. Duke Nukem Forever in a few months is going be a ton worse for it...

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Brighton Warlords Super Heavy Tournement Army!

Hey all...must post more...

Brighton Warlords excellent tournements continued this week with a "2000pt including a super heavy or gargantuan creature tournement" (Could use a shorter name)this weekend just gone. Was great fun with a proper review and maybe even a battlereport or 2 ('ll be words only though) to come soon... but for the time being my army!

1 cobra and 2 nightwings formed the backbone of the army...