Monday, 22 August 2011

Path of the Seer - A Black Libriary Review

Let me start off with the following warning – This review contains spoilers for Path of the Warrior. I will try to keep it spoiler free for Path of the Seer, but it follows the same story as Warrior. Which also means (I guess) this review also contains “spoilers” for the unreleased Path of the Outcast, even though it’s not out for ages yet.
And before I get onto Path of the Seer, a brief word on Warrior. Warrior…is a complicated book for me. It offers a deep look at Eldar culture, society, the path system, how a craftworld functions and how the Eldar wage war. It is brilliant for understanding the Eldar more than what is in the codex, and great for the enigmatic race to get some more screen time. However if you aren’t interested in the background (or maybe even if you are) Warrior is severely let down by the main character being an intolerable prick. Who then gets “killed” off 2/3 of the way through the book and replaced by an even less likable character (although this is deliberate – Exarches live only to fight and so are allowed to be aloof d**ks). Warrior earns 6.5/10 from me
Anyway…Seer. From the get go already a much better book from the first few pages. The main Character (Thirianna) is a much more likable character. From her point of view (not the skewed view of Korandril in Warrior) she is a much better person, and Korandril comes off even worse than he did in Warrior. The book follows the same structure as warrior. 3 friends re-united, confrontation, choosing a new path, conflict on a maiden world against the Orks, more training, assault on a chaos tainted guard outpost, decision to continue the path, defence of the craftworld from the Imperium. It’s the same story as Warrior, just from a Seer’s perspective, not that of the Warrior.
Again the book is resplendent with details of the Eldar way, and different aspects of their culture explored. Obviously the Eldar physic powers, rune casting and mastery of the threads of the Skein are paramount, but other aspects are explored. The interaction between Eldar, the infinity circuit and the Craftworld are explored. How Physkers battle each other in combat, both in mind and body. A section focuses on Thiriannas father, a Bonesinger as they sculpt the Pyscho-plastic wraithbone into a battleship. How the physkers and Autarchs work together for battle plans and enforce them. The most distasteful of all Eldar practises is also discussed and shown - Raising the dead to fight in the form of Wraithguard and Wraithlords. The webway, the warp, demonic possession and influence as well. There is a particular part during the raid on the guard outpost about Thirianna duelling with a child who is being possessed by a demon of She-Who-Thirsts that’s sticks in my mind
The writing style is as good as Warrior, and with a better character and I feel, a better character’s journey, the book is much better. The Space Marines who invade the craftworld at the end are finally named (Sons of Orar) and from the beginning of Thirianna’s days on the path of the Poet to her final climactic duel with a Marine Librarian the book is well paced and a brilliant read. Still I feel it suffers towards the end. The trilogy (Warrior, Seer, Outcast) is unusual in they all end in the same place, but only the last one will actually end the story. In Warrior and Seer, the war for Altioc is still raging when the book ends, leaving only the cryptic comment that it’s “Fate will be decided in Book 3”. Interestingly it never refers to the series as a Trilogy, only a series. Maybe suggesting future books? Maybe Outcast won’t end the battle either, and there will be a 4th book of climax and recovery. Without a true ending, the book suffers, but still is well deserving of its score of 8.5/10
Hint for Outcast are also scattered in the book, where Thirianna touches on Aradryan’s (the Outcast) memory. Memories of pirate raids, visits to Commaragh and ranger training are highlighted, as are his return to defend the Craftworld with the Harlequins.
Off topic – A few cool physic powers are mentioned that would be good in the next Eldar codex. One is a kind of reverse-guide where the enemy is targeted and their accuracy drops due to distraction. Maybe target enemies and make them re-roll successful to hit rolls?

Monday, 8 August 2011

Brighton Warlords 1750pts

Link to their forum

The guys at Brighton are good fun, and the venue is generally brilliant as well

1750 points, including any FW (but not Superheavies or Gangantuan Creatures - although I'm asking if I can take my massivly overpowered Eldar Fliers)

If I can take my fliers then I'll be taking 3 aircraft Eldar list. Which needing 6's to hit, and 2 4+ saves will be bent as hell

If I can't, the DE list I took to Solent will be added to and changed.

Monday, 1 August 2011

Solent Position

Just got posted. Came 14th out of 37. Pretty happy with that for my first real tournement!

Solent Wargamers Day 2

Returned the next morning, with a sore back and clicky knees. I set myself the goal of getting hopefully one more win, and the secondary objective of seeing if the Duke could pass at least 1 2++ save.

And so it begins

GAME 4, Pitched Battle, Annihalation. Result - Loss (Ended turn 5, conceded about 800VP and gained about 1200

Ork army. 2 battlewagons, 1 full of Hard Boyz, 1 with Nobz, Warboss and the crazy physic ork leader. Also a unit of warbikes, and 3 warbuggies with Rokkits.

This was always going to be hard. His army had only 8 KP. By the end I had both Ravagers, my raider, my venom, my incubi and my wyches still alive. He had 2 wounded Nobz, the warboss and the special wierd boy (I can't for the life of me remember name) cowering in a pile of rocks, under assault from my Wyches and Incubi. Another turn and i'd have had him through Annihalation

High Points - Immobilsing Warboss Battlewagon turn 1, wrecking the other turn 2. Reaver flyby killing most of the bikes in one turn. My Talos realising he had to sacrifice his life to kill a battlewagon before it ran away and lost me another kill point and Death or Glorying a Deffrolla Battlewagon. Took 9 hits and died, but his one hit back...rolled an 8, penetrated and exploded it. The wracks also got AP1 and 2 for their liquifiers which really helped cut the Nobs down. The 'ard Boyz running, sacrificing one of them to reroll their leadership and still failing

Low Points - Those Nobs surviving! Just! Another turn and the Wyches (who were still unwounded) and maybe the Incubi would have killed them all. The immobilised battlewagon using its only Grot rigger and repairing its immobilised turn 1 and then shrugging off a huge amount of firepower.

GAME 5, Spearhead, Capture and Control. Result - Loss (Tabled turn 6, gained about 200VP's

GK. 3 Psyrifledread's. 2 razorbacks with strike squads, a librarian and a stormraven full of Terminators.

I hate GK's

That point still stands.

The only game I got tabled, and just got horrendous luck. Was playing on the exact same table as I was for the previous GK game, so really dislike this table.

Did I mention I hate GK's?

High Points - Even less than last game against GK's. My Talos guns killed 3 guys. And in CC he got 7 attacks against a vehicle!

And managed one glancing hit

Low Points - The Game. In all my shots, all my Talo's CC attacks I managed a single glancing hit. Which gave me a shaken result. Which being a GK vehicle it ignored. I lost all but one ravager by turn 2. My Wyches walked on, got hit by all 4 missiles from the Stormraven, took 20 wounds. only lost 6, but failed Leadership and ran off. My large warriors squad took 8 hits from 2 dreads, failed 6 out of 8 cover saves (on a 3+ having gone to ground), failed a leadership and ran. Was not a good game.

Did I mention I hate GK's?

GAME 6, Spearhead, Seize Ground. Result - Win (Ended turn 5, conceded about 350VP and gained about 1100VP Ultramarines. Absolutly beautiful, and won best painted overall. Damn well deserved it as well.

Land Raider, Drop Pod dread, rhino, razorback, sternguard and a few combat squads and a Terminator squad

High Points - Venom killed 6 Sternguard in one shooting phase. Incubi assaulted the Terminators and over 3 assaults killed all of them without taking a single wound back. The Wyches using their blast pistol to one shot the Dreadnaught that was about to assault my warriors squad after drop podding in and then Haywire grenading the Droppod and Land raider.

Low Points - Wracks got hit and ran away. One fluky missile shot at its maximum range managed to get one Ravager on turn 1.

So all over! Had a great time, got a breakeven result, even had 2 games (a win and a loss) at the top of the leaderboard! The results will get published later so I can find out how I did.

Re-writting my list and will share that and some army pictures soon

Sunday, 31 July 2011

Solent 40K Tournement

Wow Month and a half between posts. Will post pictures soon. Honest. Or just anything

But for now it is feedback time!

Just got back from a local tournement in Portsmouth with the Solent Wargaming lot. Definently be going back next year, and who knows might make the trip down there for regualar trips, the club guys seem really cool


Took my Dark Eldar, with the list thats somewhere below. Broke Average with 3 wins and 3 losses. Of my three wins 2 were huge margins, 1 was a close run thing. Of my 3 losses, 2 were huge margins and one was a close run thing. Begining to see a pattern here! I didn't take pictures or notes, don't have video and dont have any fancy mapping software so there won't be any battle reps, cos text only ones are boring and i'm sure i'd forget lots. So brief summaries to follow;

GAME 1, DoW, C&C. Result - Win (tabled turn 4, conceded about 200VP)
Played my friend from local and his Orks. Lots of Dethkoptas (about 14), big nob bikers squad and boyz with warboss in Trukk. I went first. Combat Drugs were 6 and 6. So free pain token!

High Points involve the trukk getting immobilsed turn 1 and most importantly for me the Nob bikers being half an inch out of assault range of my warrior squad, leaving them in perfect distance for a reaver flyby and rapid fire from the Warriors. All dead, one round. Ha ha.

Low points involve the wracks being called to take 20 FNP saves and not passing a single one of them as well as Sliscus deciding to try assaulting the warboss to protect the Talos. Missing with all of his attacks, only getting hit once in return, wounded once, and failed his 2++ straight away. ID and his run of spectacular bad luck for the tournement began. Forgetting the Talo's upgrade...probably wouldn't have done much but....

GAME 2, DoW, Annialation. Result - Win (ended turn 6 about 11 to 6, conceded about 1100VP to 1300)
Ooooo Top table. Don't want to be here the people are scary good here!
DE vs DE. Sliscus vs Sliscus (and the Baron). Hellions, 2 ravagers, 2 Wych Raiders, 1 Warrior raider and 1 Trueborn with Carbines. I went first. Combat drugs were 1 and 5. Extra attack each!

High Points - Killing all but 1 hellion and the baron with Liquifier guns turn 2Talos assaulted by 2 Wych units, before he realised he couldn't hurt me. Getting 3 raiders and a ravager down in turn 1 was pretty good

Low Points - His baron and his 1 hellion breaking and running. Their run put them straight into the only bit of area terrain on their line away from me. The Hellion failed his re-rollable dangerous terrain and died, allowing the Baron to regroup. He was a pain for the rest of the game, never did get through his Shadowfield. Also the Duke Sliscus trueborn vs my Duke Sliscus warriors. His Duke hit me with all of his attacks, wounded with all of them....and I failed my first Shadowfield save. Bad luck continues! My attacks back hit with 1, which failed to wound. I prevailed in the end thanks to the Talos intervening and murdering the Trueborn.

GAME 3, Spearhead, the D3+2 objectives one (real names abandoned me). Result - Loss (Voluntarily ended turn 6, conceded about 1000VP to about 300VP)
GK army. 3 Psyrifleman dreads, lots of razorbacks with Purifiers in, Corteaz and some henchmen in a few chimeras. I went first. Combat drugs were 1 and 5 again. Took the extra attack (never got to use them though)

Still on top table! And now facing the guy who stayed on top for the rest of the comp and came first overall. So not too bad on losing to him

High Points - Um....Did I have any? A Warrior wrecked a chimera with a dark lance. A incubi killed the last purifier in a squad. A Wychh Haywire grenade blew up a Chimera's multi-laser. Think that was about it

Low Points - Plenty of these! The affore mentioned warrior hits on 3's. Took him 4 tries to hit that one Chimera. My Talos got hit 4 times. Failed 3 out of 4 3+ saves and died in one turn. 10 lance shots over the game scored a total of 1 glancing hit. Nearly all skimmers down in turn 2.

I hate Meched up lists, and definently hate GK Pysrifleman dreads!

Thats day 1, I'll post day 2 tomorrow. It not quite as sunny

Monday, 13 June 2011

Red Faction Armageddon Review

I’m determined to keep the Armageddon puns to a minimum in this review…so no Bruce Willis jokes, Aerosmith songs or comments about Ben Affleck.

The newest entry in the Red Faction franchise Armageddon leads off with the grandson of the formers games protagonist on a mission to protect the device that makes mars habitable. Needless to say he fails and everyone has to go hide underground because of the lacks of air, and horrific weather on the surface. He’s then tricked by some bad guys into opening a hidden chamber where loads of bugs live. It’s never really explained why there a tons of bugs underground, and one audio log and text in the instruction manual suggest they aren’t the old inhabitants of Mars, but aliens themselves, which just adds more confusion as to what the hell they’re doing down there.

Also as a note to silly story…you open one tunnel that’s blocking them underground…and then the bugs escape down a completely different tunnel which connects to human settlements. So why hadn’t they already escaped?

Theresa lot of new stuff to the series, from the repair tools and repair grenades, to the advanced powers of the nano forge…which include a Kinetic energy burst (means you don’t need the games signature sledgehammer anymore…not that you need it to destroy stuff anymore – see below), a power that suspends enemies in the air, a power that gives you a protective shield and the ability to go “berserk” and increase damage. Also new is the magnet gun, which is great fun. Its awesome to stick one to a monster and another to the ceiling 200 metres up just to get it out of your hair for a few seconds to reload. The combat walkers are also good fun.
Anyway, Red Faction is a game that has always been about blowing stuff up. And the superb physics engine from the previous game, Guerrilla, is still in place. On the first mission there are the familiar EDF bunkers, barracks and guard towers from the last game to blow up and everything feels great. With the ability to rebuild everything you destroy you are a little less carefully about blowing up walkways you might need. Blowing up buildings from under enemies, removing their cover still feels great.

However you then get to the second mission. And then the third mission. And every mission after that. These pretty much all consist of underground tunnels, or enclosed spaces shooting bugs off of walls. Anyone who’s played the mission “Cortana” on High Charity at the end of Halo 3 will feel right at home. It’s about shooting bugs that jump from wall to wall and shoot at you, walls which are generally curved and that orangey-red colour. And everyone now and then a beefy tank bug turns up. It just feels very familiar. And gets a bit boring. The one mission against human enemies is a refreshing change of pace, but is gone as quickly as it comes. Gone is the free range-ness of the last game to do missions as you want and mess around blowing stuff up. It’s now a series of linear corridor turkey shoots against the same bugs over and over again. Even the building destruction is mostly gone, and when it’s there it’s not enjoyable in the same way, as it doesn’t feel necessary. In Guerrilla missions of blowing up buildings and bridges, setting charges in key places and watching it come down was very enjoyable and rewarding. Now there’s only a few building you ever have to destroy, and most of those are very flimsy comms towers. As mentioned there’s no need to carry the games signature weapon, the sledgehammer because you’ll never need it unless you want to melee with the giant bugs

In here lies Armageddon’s main problem – It’s the little brother to a Guerrilla. It has the same mechanics and options available to it, but chooses not to use its best bits. By taking the emphasis away from destruction the game feels weakened. It’s not a bad game by any means; I’m playing it through a 2nd time now, and it’s still enjoyable. But unlike Guerrilla I won’t be keeping it or coming back to it
The destruction is still there…it’s just in a tacked on extra mode, set in small arenas against the clock or time free, but isn’t the same. Also you only get this mode if you buy a new copy, or pay a few quid extra for it, the games way of joining the increasing trend on games manufacturers fighting the pre-owned market.
Also clearly missing is the competitive multiplayer. In Guerrilla this was great, combining the destruction and carnage of the game with the world of online shooting. And it was good. In its place is a 4 player Horde wave survival mode, which doesn’t hold as much fun I must say. Again, its not bad, but feels like a poor cover up for the missing multiplayer.

In summary…it’s not a bad game. It’s just not an outstanding game. To me Guerrilla was an outstanding game. And that’s why once I’ve wrung the achievements out of Armageddon it’ll be on the trade in pile waiting for something good. And I’ll go back and replay Guerrilla for the 5th time. Because that game shows how it’s supposed to be done.


Thursday, 26 May 2011

New DE and my newest list

Oh aren't they pretty? Now made 2 £150 orders in the last month...nothing new for me for a while!

2 of everything new in box waves, cept for grotesques cos you need a minimum of 3!

And then my army....

DE 1500
HQ (210pts)
Duke Sliscus – 150pts
Hemonculus with Venom Blade and Sting Pistol – 60pts
Troops (625pts)
10 Wracks, 2 Liquifier guns with Acothyst with Venom Blade 135pts
Raider with Flickerfields (70pt)
Warriors x20, With 1 Splinter Cannons, Dark Lance and Sybarite with Pistol and CCW (225pts)
Wych x 11, 1 Razorflail, 1 Shardnet with Hekatrix with Blast Pistol and Agoniser – 195pts
Heavy Support (340pts)
Ravager, 3 Dark Lances, Flickerfield 115pts
Ravager, 3 Dark Lances, Flickerfield 115pts
Talos, Chain Flails 110pts
Fast Attack (172pts)
Reavers x 6,2 with Cluster Caltrops 172pts
Elites (153pts)
4 Incubi, 88pts
Venom with Splinter Cannon 65pts

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

New DE are out!

Thats my post with all the info on them

And now the newsis opinion

Why couldn't that scratchbuilt Talos on the last page have been real? The new cool i guess...and i'll be getting at least 1...but the scratch built looks much nicer

And maybe its just me being silly...but the sprue preview for the Talos and cronos look identical. Not sure why its not just 1 kit? (Turns out it is 1 kit...just being sold as 2)

Venoms and Scourges are perfect. Can't wait to get my hands on some. I like the scourge has 2 choices of can be open so you can see the driver

And the battleforce is nice I guess...but contains no new models, so why it wasn't released at launch I don't know

The customisation in them all looks amazing.

Rumour is a 2nd wave of models in the next 2 weeks as well


Saturday, 30 April 2011

Game Review - Portal 2 (cont)

Co-Op time!

Having had a bit longer with the game I have now played co-op through (3 times with 3 seperate people in fact) and got all 1000 gamerscore, first time i've managed that with a full retail game in a while. a bit good and a bit bad.

The good is the puzzles. Adding a 2nd player, and another 2 portals to play with, the puzzle get big, and complex. By the last few they are a real puzzler for a good while.

The C-op controls are great as well. In addition to normal controls you can view your friends view in a PiP screen at the push of a button. You can also "ping" locations on the course using a button, to highlight what you're talking about or where you want portal. You can also set up a stopwatch function, so you time actions exactly. This last one is particularly useful, as sometimes there can be lag between speaking and the other person hearing it, but accoridng to Valve, the clock is consistant between players

The Bad? Its not as engaging. Yes i've played it through 3 times, but mostly by chatting away. After the first play through you've seen and heard it all, and unlike the single player, it doesn't hold re-playability. Glados' commentary and comments are no where near as engaging as in the single player in Portal 1 or 2, and often fall a little flat.

First time play through? 6-7 hours. Every successive play through, thanks to knowledge on the puzzles...3-4.

Portal 2 Co-Op - 7.5 out of 10

So overall Portal garners an 8.5 out of 10. It's funny...if they'd just released the single player it would have got a higher score...even though its shorter!

Also Valve today announced free DLC for the game, in the form of single and multi player challenge chambers. And apparantly it's going to be free, which is always a big tick in my book...seeing as i'm paying 1200 points for CoD maps in a few days...

40k stuff, I will hope to get an update tomorrow, and soon a review on the Gears 3 beta....

Friday, 22 April 2011

Game Review - Portal 2

40K's been on the back burner for a, games, in-laws visit.

But heres a review for one of the best games i've played in a loooong time. Portal 2

Portal 1 was a revelation. A tiny tech demo almost, that didn't have a story until towards the end, that sparked a huge amount of interest. The humour was sarcastic and dark, perfect for my SoH. The puzzle were mostly great, requiring thought in 4 dimensions and timing on top of that. Some of the exacting timing puzzles were a pain.

Luckily they're mostly gone in Portal 2. No more high energy bouncing pellets to time opening doors for perfectly. Just lots more 4D puzzles. With over 50 test chambers, as opposed to the 19 in game 1, and lots more behind the scenes action its a lot longer. Still, its a little short (about 7 hours) but thats just the single player, i haven't touched co-op yet.

Portal 2 starts with you waking up after being asleep at the end of portal 2 for 9999999... days. You're woken up by the wonderfuly...odd Wheatley (voiced to perfection by Stephen Merchant), who warns you theres a slight chance you might have a severe case of brain damage. From the minute hes asks you to say your name and all you do is jump, the game sets off more of the savagely dark, sarcastic and hilarious comedy.

As the years have passed Apaerture science is in a bad way. But the test chambers from portal 1, act as a tutorial for the game, and seeing them in a new light (usually firelight) brings a lot home. Eventually you go kilometers under the earth and see the original testing centres from when Aperture opened, and was mostly a shower curtain manufaturing company. Here you're guided by Cave Johnson, again perfectly writen and voiced (by the chap who plays J. J. Jameson in the spidermans).

Shortly put this game is brilliant. Theres much more comedy this time, the story is more developed and the puzzles less annoying, but more challenging.

Waiting for my mate to get his copy so i can jump into co-op, but just on a single player front, definently worth a buy, if not a rent.

You won't regret it


Saturday, 9 April 2011

Duke Sliscus, the Serpent

Man I've been busy

Heres my scratchbuild for Duke Sliscus, the Serpent. Hes got a lot more colour on him now, but can't get a good picture on him till I get back

The legs come from one of the raider passengers, with the torso removed at the waist.
The body is part of another raider passenger, using the front half of his torso, trimmed down to fit at the waist.
The cloak comes from a Dark Elf Corsair kit, needed quite a lot of the back already in it removing before it fit, but did in the end, with minimal greenstuffing.
The head comes from the Reaver pack
Blast Pistol and Sword come from the Warriors (I think - They were in my bits bag)
And then hes standing on a pile of skulls from the GW Skulls pack. Was gonna use the individual skulls and some greenstuff, but it came with this pile, that was just the right size

Additionaly finished my succubus and started my 2nd archon.

But now alas, I am off to a IMechE conference in Leeds tomorrow,so not a lot of painting for a few days

Friday, 8 April 2011

Phantom going toe to toe with a Warlord!

Phantom Titan is up for preorder

Shipped 26th April

The experimental rules for it are up as well...and they ARE different to those seen at the open day. Its now more expensive!

New rules are awesome!

13/13/11, Init 3, 3 attacks (Eldar get a AV13 unit! Ha!)
Permanant 5+ save
4+ save if it moved
3+ if it moves flat out and fires no weapons
Pulsar is 4 shots
D cannon now has D3 rolls on the superheavy chart for each hit
Star Cannon is now S6, it was 7 at the open day
The AA weapon is now S 7 ap 3
Missile battery is 4 shots
But its now 2500 points!

Monday, 4 April 2011

FW Open Day - From Someone who was there!

Just a quick recap of what I remember from yesterday...posted this on BoLS Lounge yesterday, but wouldn't let me sign in here, so doing it today!

Theres a few other bits of news coming out, but since I've not been told them, you'll have to track them down!

Phantom Titan

WS 3, BS 4, 12/12/11 Init 2, Attacks 3

8 Structure Points

Don't expect it on sale till Gamesday (which is September here in Blighty).
Comes in at a hefty 2300 points. Features the Cobra cannon, the pulsar (which is 3 shots), the starcannon (3 shots instead of 2), which can be swapped for a pulse laser for free. Also has missile battery (S8 AP3 4 shots) and a AA mounted missile battery (S5 AP5 AA Mount). Usual 4+ invuln if it moved, but can chose to turn driver stunned into gunner stunned, so should only stop moving if it gets immobilised. Has the usual rules for fleeting titans as well, and weapons have a 12" minimum range. Only current other weapon is the sword seen previously. Will hasn't finished making it yet, but the sword comes with a 2nd twin linked starcannon built in. He also hasn't ruled out expanding the line of guns

The lady with the rule book (who i'm sure is an important person, i just don't know her name) said the reaction today towards the rules was mixed, so might be changing. (Personally I'm in the mind they are a little too expensive. 2000 points seems a better point...that fleeting instead of shooting rule is overated IMO)

As for magnetising and weapon swapping, the "torso" component comes with the body, the arm, the elbox joint and the hand. The "Gun" comes attatched to the forearm. So either can be magnetised at both ends, or drill through the arm and have a massive pin/rod from elbow to hand

So those of you wondering this phantom, stood wide legged and stationairy is 24 inches exactly from bottom of base, to top of vanes

Warlock Titan

Will Hayes wants this. And it will happen. But probably not till the next FW Eldar book (his words) so means we get another Eldar book! it'll be the same size as a phantom, but more ornate, with more wraithbone extrusions. He joked about having the psycannon mounted on the side of the arm, so both hands were free for a giant spear


Few months off yet, still finalising the fluff at the beginning. Focuses on Eldar, with some guard and a tiny smidge of Wolves. All eldar models ever made have rules in it, so no need to carry multiple books.

Also the big one...not all models in the books will have models. I asked if there were rules for any models we hadn't seen yet ( a sneaky way of asking if there were more kits for us to see yet). The reply was "Yes, a few more. Also some will have rules that were aren't planning on producing" The Phoenix lord of the spectres was then gestured to. So maybe not getting a model yet?

Artwork is amazing. The pictures of the eldar squadrons stalking through the tundra, with the nights sky are simply astonishing

Shadow spectres get Phoenix Lord, didn't read the stats

Corsairs get Allied DE with craftworlds, and a few new unique units and HQ choices

Solitaire is one of those new HQ. Doesn't make quins troops, is a 0-1 no matter how big the army, not an IC and can carry a vortex grenade in Apoc for 75pts

Apoc data sheets, including one which is a 550pt Avatar, has 2D6 wounds, a 2+ armour save and his wailing doom is upgraded to a Strength D 10" template. However hes still a monstrous creature, not a gargant. He's important in the story as its the avatars last stand so he goes out in a literal blaze of glory. So at the end of the game he takes D6 wounds with no saves of any kind allowed

Phantom Titans rules are above

The Wraithseer is a HQ wraithlord, his physic powers include one which force an enemy unit to take a moral check at -1 or fall back immediatly. Another gives one wraithlord or wraithguard near him fleet (!). And the other, if a friendly wriath unit within 6" dies roll a D6. On a 6 its still alive, with one wound left. It also has a 4+ invulnerable


Dark Eldar

Initial Production and Evaluation on bits has begun. The model on show (with the double hull) is likely to be a light super heavy. I mentioned my theory that DE superheavies would look like Jabbas sail palace from Return of the Jedi he laughed and said they probably would...

Lots of concept art for DE skimmers, one of which was a super charged Ravager, that had 2 floors, each with 3 Dark Lances on both sides

Modular Boards

With the first Fw board expansion available (its very nice) someone said they were looking at expanding a lot more now they've got the technology down, with buildings, ammo dumps, train lines and trench systems forthcoming

Monday, 21 March 2011

Game Review - Homefront

Game Review - Homefront (or why you should never buy a game which advertises its best review coming from a lad/softcore porn mag)

Homefront, for those of you who don't know is an FPS set around the American Underground resistance in a North Korean Occupied United States. Its story was written by the same guy who wrote the movies "Red Dawn" and "Apocolypse Now". So as far as stories go, it should be promising.I'm a guy that loves a strong narative in a game, which is why Bioshock is so highly held in my eyes, as it the overarching Gears of War and Halo series are.

And it is good...sort of. Without giving too much away it features some grand set ups, some good developments, but at the same time some "twists" that are so obvious if you didn't see them coming the Korean Propaganda has obviously worked,

Never the less the single player is a good well rounded game, with some huge problems.

1) Its way too short - I played through normal in under 3 hours because i couldn't find how to change the difficulty (its hidden in the options menu, only accessable from the front menu)

2)Ordered Sequences - There are some times in the game where you need to climb down a ladder, or crawl through a hole. So you try to. Only problem is your teammates need to go through first. So you're left standing next to the hole you want to crawl through, while your teammates slowly wander over and climb through. Even worse is, if you stand in front of the door your supposed to walk through, even if guy number 1 has gone through, if you block guy number 2 he can't go through so you can't go through. It just heavily breaks the feeling of immersion

3)Special Grenades. In single player (we'll get to multi in abit) it introduces you to special greandes in the first mission. Here its C4 you throw through a window and blow up an APC. Great. You never find any or use it ever again. Or any other special greande. Kinda wonder what the point in that was.

4) Walking/Dialogue sections - In the early game there are sections of long dialogue where you slowly walk around the village, or ride a bus. These take about 5 minutes and are unskippable. If you want all the achievements in the game, you'll probably need to play each mission at least twice (unless you're a gaming god and can complete each mission on the hardest setting without dying once). They just take forever and break it up even more.

5) The Ending. Through out the early game you have control of "Goliath" a drone APC that fires it machine guns at enemies automatically and you fire its missiles at targets you designate. Eventually goliath bites it. At the very end of the game, the last 2 things you do are - Fire a Predator UAV at some white blobs in a unchallenging boring version of the C130 bits from CoD. And then you become the gunner on an APC and have to blow up the enemy Goliath. So basically the last great firefight moment is an onrails shooter, with a infinite ammo machine gun and pressed the button to activate missile countermeasures (on a Humvee? Really?) every 10 seconds or so. And then the highly cliched predicatable ending rolls.

They (the developers) have said there will be 2 single player DLC content packs, with 3 new missions each. So in 2 packs, you get the same number of missions as the game itself has.


The Multiplayer isn't bad. Could have used a bit more testing, and the menus are annoying (pressing B doesn't drop you out, you have to go and select the option...just irritating).

Also it can't seem to decide if it wants to be a realistic military shooter (like GRAW, or Operation Flashpoint) or a more arcadey style (like CoD). Guns are better set at their ranges, so SMG win at short range, assault at mid, snipers at long (I'll get to snipers in a minute) and going prone helps aim and chances, but at the same time a guy running round with a pistol has a good chance of beating you at long range and runing, jumping and circle strafing work just as well

Snipers...are another problem. They're strong (1 headshot, or 2 torsoshots), they have virtually no recoil, aiming down the sights has little to no movement for "breathing" and are semi automatic. Brilliant for people who snipe. I call those people...something I can't repeat. Yes accurate that snipers rule open areas, but with no drawbacks they seem to rule anything they want.

A good idea in the game is "BP". Working like XP you earn points for every kill you make, objective you capture etc. Each class comes with 2 special purchase slots, which range from UAV sweeps and extra armour, to bombing runs and gun drones. This is a really good system for rewarding good gameplay, as even if you don't get a high killstreak, you still earn points towards goodies, meaning people who win the matches just by claiming objectives get rewards as well as those who run in crazy and get kills.

These BP can also be spent on vehicles in some matches. From the humble humvee (which seems to be missing the missile countermeasures suddenly) to APC's, Tanks and 2 types of helicopters. The game also offers a brilliant option of spawning in the secondary gun seat in someones vehicle, so if you buy a chopper you donj't need to waste time on the ground waiting for someone else to get in.

However the vehicles (particularly the choppers, especially the missile spewing AT chopper) don't seem balenced. Almost impervious to small arms fire thanks to height and armour they have only 2 weaknesses...proximity rockets (rockets that fire in straight lines, but explode if they sense they're close to something) and AT drones, which have lock on missiles. However the neither of these purchaseables are unlockable until about Level 30. The AT drone isn't in any of the premade selections, and the proximity launcher in one of them. Oh and the chopper does have counter measures, which recharge faster than the rockets on the drone do. Also at a high enough level you can have a perk which means you vehicle automatically repairs itself. I understand that the chopper is a significant BP investment (about 2000 points, when you get 130 for a kill) but its just doen'st seem to die. At least drones have a battery life before they fail.

It also seems to favour the higher ranked more than other FPS games do. At higher ranks you unlock better things, like better airstrikes, perks and customised vehicle slots. These just make it easier to dominate the lesser being who are just starting. Example? When you start you have the option of a hell strike purchasable. 2 single shot missiles that damage light armour (kill a humvee in one though)and kill infantry if you hit them directly. At rank 17 you get a white phosphorus mortar round. large area, kills lot of infantry (rarely do I see one of these that doesn't kill at least 2 people) but doesn't do much against vehicles. At rank 40ish you get cluster bombs. Large area, kills anything under it, infantry or vehicles included. Now I understand you need to reawrd hgiher ranking players, but it just feels like a newcomer to this game in say, a month is going to have a serious uphill struggle to get into the game.

Also some of the capture and control maps seem a little one sided. In all the game i've played on most of them one team always wins that round. But maybe thats just fluke.

Anyway in review Homefront isn't a bad game. Its just short, with some good multiplayer innovations, but could use a few tweaks.

And its arbitary grade out of 10? 7.5. Rent it, borrow it, see what you think, then if you like the multiplayer buy it. But do it quick before every online is ranked Lv50.

Monday, 28 February 2011


There is a reason!

Figured i should get a 2nd update in this month. There WILL be more this weekend, as my fioncee is away so planning on doing something i've never done before and lay the whole of my entire army out for big "team" photos. All of my armies aren't complete but the hearts there.

As for my reason it's been a whil;e since my post. Been playing games and painting a lot. So just not posting anything. Got 10 warriors, 10 wyches, Lelith, 3 reavers and 1 raider done in the last few weeks. Been busy! They look good, individual pictures will come soon, weather dependanant.

As for gaming...been playing Bulletstorm, Game is awesome. Everyones putting it down cos of the load of bad language. Personally i don't think its particularly over the top. Doesn't affect the game at all. Duke Nukem Forever in a few months is going be a ton worse for it...

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Brighton Warlords Super Heavy Tournement Army!

Hey all...must post more...

Brighton Warlords excellent tournements continued this week with a "2000pt including a super heavy or gargantuan creature tournement" (Could use a shorter name)this weekend just gone. Was great fun with a proper review and maybe even a battlereport or 2 ('ll be words only though) to come soon... but for the time being my army!

1 cobra and 2 nightwings formed the backbone of the army...