Wednesday, 26 September 2012

BoLSCON UK Tale of 4 Gamers

In preperation for BoLSCON UK with so many of us starting new 6th ed armies, we've decided to set up a Tale of 4 Gamers ready for it.

Anyone who is interesting in participating should go to the BoLS lounge and join up. And look out for the first official BoLS lunge meet up at WHW in February!

Monday, 24 September 2012


There seems to be a popular thing on the internet to just hate on anything that GW does.

BoLS recently put up an article about how they like the new WD. All the comments are just people spitting angry Vitriol about how its just "more pictures on better paper!" "how dare they advertise the pictures".

The new WD is great. Its a massive step in the correct direction.

It includes all the extra stuff people wanted. Hobby content, conversions, more developer commentary, a battle report that talks about evaluating new units.

I might even renew my subscription. I like it, theres a lot of good information in there

The conversions article could use more step by step, like the painting articles. The battle rep could use a mpa to help it be more organised.

Friday, 14 September 2012

FW Heresy Video

Awesome new video from FW showing off a lot of the goodie we can expect from the Heresy Series.

Cataphract Terminator armour? I definently need a Pre- Heresy army. Just need to wait for the Word Bearers to be in a book and i'll be all over that like a Slaneshee Demon on a stripper pole.

Enjoy the vid.

PS> I've also clocked over 10,000 views on here now. Not bad for a lot of nothing. Will try to post something meaningful soon

P.P.S Go check out Shaws Pre Heresy Fists on our newest Best of BoLS post.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012



Wraithwall is another of those gaming terms, like Footdar, and Draigowing. But I've never seen anyone do it properly (i'm not saying to the max...need 2 more for that)

But I figured it'd be fun to celebrate breaking 100 posts in here, and finishing another with a family photo, and a list to go with them (2000 2x FoC)

Farseer, Spear, Both Runes, The 3 Cheapest powers (swapped out)
Wraithseer, Star Cannon
Wraithlord, Lance and EML
Wraithlord, Lance and Sword
Wraithlord, Lance
Wraithlord, Scatter Laser
Wraithlord, Lance and Scatter
Wraithlord, Shuri Cannon and Sword
10 Wraithguard, Spirit Seer, Enhance, Spear
10 Pathfinders
9 Dire Avengers
Wave Serpent, Lances
7 DA
7 DA

Make it up to 2500 with the named Farseer from IA11, 2 more Lords...and maybe some allied DE Talos :P

But photos