Sunday, 31 July 2011

Solent 40K Tournement

Wow Month and a half between posts. Will post pictures soon. Honest. Or just anything

But for now it is feedback time!

Just got back from a local tournement in Portsmouth with the Solent Wargaming lot. Definently be going back next year, and who knows might make the trip down there for regualar trips, the club guys seem really cool


Took my Dark Eldar, with the list thats somewhere below. Broke Average with 3 wins and 3 losses. Of my three wins 2 were huge margins, 1 was a close run thing. Of my 3 losses, 2 were huge margins and one was a close run thing. Begining to see a pattern here! I didn't take pictures or notes, don't have video and dont have any fancy mapping software so there won't be any battle reps, cos text only ones are boring and i'm sure i'd forget lots. So brief summaries to follow;

GAME 1, DoW, C&C. Result - Win (tabled turn 4, conceded about 200VP)
Played my friend from local and his Orks. Lots of Dethkoptas (about 14), big nob bikers squad and boyz with warboss in Trukk. I went first. Combat Drugs were 6 and 6. So free pain token!

High Points involve the trukk getting immobilsed turn 1 and most importantly for me the Nob bikers being half an inch out of assault range of my warrior squad, leaving them in perfect distance for a reaver flyby and rapid fire from the Warriors. All dead, one round. Ha ha.

Low points involve the wracks being called to take 20 FNP saves and not passing a single one of them as well as Sliscus deciding to try assaulting the warboss to protect the Talos. Missing with all of his attacks, only getting hit once in return, wounded once, and failed his 2++ straight away. ID and his run of spectacular bad luck for the tournement began. Forgetting the Talo's upgrade...probably wouldn't have done much but....

GAME 2, DoW, Annialation. Result - Win (ended turn 6 about 11 to 6, conceded about 1100VP to 1300)
Ooooo Top table. Don't want to be here the people are scary good here!
DE vs DE. Sliscus vs Sliscus (and the Baron). Hellions, 2 ravagers, 2 Wych Raiders, 1 Warrior raider and 1 Trueborn with Carbines. I went first. Combat drugs were 1 and 5. Extra attack each!

High Points - Killing all but 1 hellion and the baron with Liquifier guns turn 2Talos assaulted by 2 Wych units, before he realised he couldn't hurt me. Getting 3 raiders and a ravager down in turn 1 was pretty good

Low Points - His baron and his 1 hellion breaking and running. Their run put them straight into the only bit of area terrain on their line away from me. The Hellion failed his re-rollable dangerous terrain and died, allowing the Baron to regroup. He was a pain for the rest of the game, never did get through his Shadowfield. Also the Duke Sliscus trueborn vs my Duke Sliscus warriors. His Duke hit me with all of his attacks, wounded with all of them....and I failed my first Shadowfield save. Bad luck continues! My attacks back hit with 1, which failed to wound. I prevailed in the end thanks to the Talos intervening and murdering the Trueborn.

GAME 3, Spearhead, the D3+2 objectives one (real names abandoned me). Result - Loss (Voluntarily ended turn 6, conceded about 1000VP to about 300VP)
GK army. 3 Psyrifleman dreads, lots of razorbacks with Purifiers in, Corteaz and some henchmen in a few chimeras. I went first. Combat drugs were 1 and 5 again. Took the extra attack (never got to use them though)

Still on top table! And now facing the guy who stayed on top for the rest of the comp and came first overall. So not too bad on losing to him

High Points - Um....Did I have any? A Warrior wrecked a chimera with a dark lance. A incubi killed the last purifier in a squad. A Wychh Haywire grenade blew up a Chimera's multi-laser. Think that was about it

Low Points - Plenty of these! The affore mentioned warrior hits on 3's. Took him 4 tries to hit that one Chimera. My Talos got hit 4 times. Failed 3 out of 4 3+ saves and died in one turn. 10 lance shots over the game scored a total of 1 glancing hit. Nearly all skimmers down in turn 2.

I hate Meched up lists, and definently hate GK Pysrifleman dreads!

Thats day 1, I'll post day 2 tomorrow. It not quite as sunny