Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Quick Look at the new FW Aeronautica book

I like fliers.

And by that I mean I like all the models (even the storm bricks), and liked how they worked in Apoc and as "skimmers" in 5th. I'm not sold on the rules for them in 6th, as they seem to be a little too good

Take the Valkyrie (or the Vendetta). They were cheap when the codex originally came out just as a skimmer, but now they're only hit on 6's (instead of normal BS). Having smaller turns, and having to move a min distance AND having to come on from reserve helps, but still...take a Master of the fleet and you can all but guarentee he turns up turn 2.


Enough on that, i'm here to talk about actual fliers, those in the new aeronautica book from FW.

Its a good book, particularly if you want to use your nice FW toys in a 6th edition environment. The rules I'll get to soon, but first the "fluff" scenario in it.

Taking place on a swamp agri-world a workers rebellion is joined by the forces of chaos marines and battle the guard and towards the end Star Phantoms Marine Chapter. Aircraft feature heavily due to the overgrown nature of the planet. Its a decent read, but is likely just a nice easter egg to go with the rules


Imp Navy - Thunderbolt, Lightning, Aquila, Vulture, Valk Sky Talon, both Marauders, Arvus, Avenger Strike Fighter

Imp Guard - Manticore (AA Varient), Weapon Platforms, Praetor (AA Varient) and Sabre Weapon Platforms

Marines - Storm Eagle, Caestus, LR Hyperios, Whirlwind Hyperios, Thunderhawk (Gunship and Transport) and GK Thunderhawk, Land Speeder Tempest, Contemptor Dread (AA Mortis), Hyperios Weapon Platforms

Orks - Fighta-bomma, Attak Fighta, Flakk Trukk, Flakk Battle Fortress, Flakk Trakk

Eldar - Phoenix, Nightwing, Lynx, both Vampires, Fire Storm

Nids - Harridan (isn't a flying gargantuan creature though. Just a GC that can move as a flier)

Tau - Barracuda, Tiger Shark (both varients), Orca, Manta and Remora drones

Necrons - Pylon (gains Interceptor as well as AA.....ouch)

DE - Raven Strike

Chaos - Hell Blade and Talon, Dreadclaw and Blight Drone

As an Eldar player, theres not much difference in my units as to what was in IA11. They've gained a few rules as per the FW FAQ (Strafing Run on Phoenix, Agile on Nightwing)

I can't say how different some of the other aircraft are, as I don't have all the old books. Marines and guard definently get a lot of good ground AA defences, and the new Avenger Strike Fighter seems very good. Its also takable by Sisters, giving them some airpower without allies

Whats interesting are the rules for aircraft over a campaign and a campaign map with scenarios for capturing the capital city and moving across the map.

Rules like the ability for aircraft to gain "ace" levels, and pilots to survive being downed. The ability to perform maneuvres (no you can't do a barrel roll) seems a lot like the Aeronautica Imperialis rules from the smaller specialist game, just not as complex.

Overall i'd rate the book 7/10. A good read, very useful for the old fliers, but not sure HOW different it is to those in the past to make it an "essential" buy. Those with just Nids or DE or Necrons might want to save their money (although the Necron pylon has taken a change)

Sunday, 29 July 2012


Back from Southampton Solents tournie.

Definently my best tournement placing and performance

1) Game 1 - Tabled a BA player
2) Game 2 - Nearly tabled Space Marine player, still won
3) Game 3 - Deathwing, very hard fought draw
4) Game 4 - Necrons, with 4 fliers. Me with none. Lost, but came down to only 1 Ld test and it might have been different
5) Game 5 - Space Wolves - Tabled him

So 3 wins a draw and a loss...pretty good showing for me.

Few things came out of it. Defence lines with Quad Guns are a must i think. Fliers are just incredibly overpowered unless you have AA options for every army. And a Necron army with 4....a Blood Angel army with 3 Stormravens (thank god I never faced that) just demolished everything. A nid army and deamons with 4-5 flying monstrous creatures. Stuff is just damn near impossible to deal with

And mindshackle scarabs are the most bent fucking things that have ever existed. 2 of them in one squad....more stupid than anything

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Back from Holiday with Withdrawl Symptoms

So back from my 2 week holiday

And I am having no hobby withdrawl symptoms! Need to paint something!

Luckily I've got a 1500 point tournement this weekend coming, and the opening of a new gaming club here on Friday, so hopefully I might have a chance to get regular games in soon

Friday, 6 July 2012

Pre-Holiday Thoughts on Wreckage and 6th ed games

Off on Holiday! 2 weeks of sun (and DisneyLand)! Really need this time off

Pictures are of my last project before I go away. Crashed valk to bulk up on the scenery.

Had a game or 2 of 6th now. I enjoy a lot of it, but to me its not a hugely different game. I've always been a shooty person in games, not a stabby. I've never abused wound allocations, so no change there. So a lot of changes don't have a huge bearing on me

I do like the new powers choices, and have found them to be really effective. Things like guiding Pathfinders that ignore cover, or a unit that gets assaulted by a monstrous creature getting an Invulnerable to slow it down massively.

See you all in 2 weeks! Got my first 6th ed tournement a week after I get back, so got that to look forward to!