Monday, 15 October 2012

What goes around comes around - Eldar in Storage

It happened to my Tau, now its happening to my Eldar. Following my wonderful tournement result (only player to go 0-0-6...i even came below people who only played 3/6 games....) i've decided my Eldar are back in storage until their new codex. Nothing that wasn't FW did well, even 4 Wraithlords barely got me anywhere.

So now is the time of Chaos.

Having re-read the codex a few times during down time, and following my first game with it, i have decided that i will be writing 2 lists. One is for my fluffy, friendly gaming list, that i'm doing for my To6G thing. Its the same as the one below, but with one or 2 changes;

- Losing the Warpsmith. He was less than impressive. There are better things to spend 100 on.
- Plasma Cannon Fiend is gone. Going to try the CC one
- Going to give me about 180 points to spend - Squad of bikers, mix up the marine squads, give them 2 CCWs

I'm also going to have my "Douchebag Murder all at comps" list. Maybe not spend the entire tournement on the bottom table.

I'll post it soon...but its a lot less friendly

Thursday, 4 October 2012

First Chaos List!

So the chaos codex has leaked. And yes i'm weak and have found it.

I'm not touching the fluff, that can wait till I have the paper in my hand. What i've done is had a quick flick through rules. And have updated my army list!

Warpsmith, Veteran of Long War - 115pts
Dark Apostle, Veteran of Long War, -105pts

30 Cultists, CCW and Pistol, 3 Flamers - 145pts
30 Cultists, Autoguns, 3 Hvy Stubbers, Shotgun -173pts
10 Chaos Space Marines, Melta Gun x2, Vets Long War, Icon of Vengeance, Mark of Khorne, Chain axe (Champ) - 223pts
Chaos Rhino - Dirge Caster - 40pts
10 Chaos Space Marines, VotLW, Lascannon, Gift of Mutation - 170pts

Fast Attack
Dragonboy - Bale Flamer - 170pts

3 Obliterators, Mark of Nurgle, VotLW - 234pts
Forgefiend - 2 Hades Autocannon - 175pts
Forgefiend - 3 Ectoplasma Cannon 200pts

Defence Line with Quad Gun - 100pts

Totals out at 1850 exactly.

So i have 2 big blobs squads at home, being kept solid by the Ld of the Apostle. They're protected by the wall, and the Apostle can probably use his BS on the gun. The Marines with the Lascannon sit close, to shoot enemy vehicles early, then move in one close home objectives later in the game. The other rhino carries the squad deep into the enemy half as fast as possible. With the melta guns, a CC mark and Champion and fearless they should stick around for a while.

All the while being backed up by the firebases of both Forgefiends and the Oblits, themselves kept company by the Warpsmith for repair duty.

The defence line and Dragon should help keep the skies clear, and when not smashing up aircraft the flier can toast anything short of a Terminator out of cover

Thats the plan at least. I will need to proxy and buy some stuff and give it a go at the club soon