Monday, 29 November 2010

Brighton Warlords Doubles Tournie

Had my first tournement this weekend just gone. Left a really good impression with me as we had loads of fun, did pretty well and met a whole bunch of new folk...even if it did mean a 2 hour drive to get there.

Was a well done tournement, with FO charts restricted to all slots having to balence (must have 1 FA, Elites and Heavy before you can get a 2nd in one of those...) so no lists of too overpoweredness...althgouh still a few slightly cheeky lists in there...:p. We played with Tau and Armoured Imperial Guard forces. Our list composed of;

Tau Commander, 2 Crisis Suits, 2 unit of Firewarriors, 3 Broadsides with Shield droness, allied with 1 Leman Russ Vanquisher, 2 regular Russes, an armoured sentinel and a chimera with a small guard squad inside. So good strong gunline, with a hellof a punch, but not so good in combat...

Don't have the memory to give full battle reports, but i'll give an overview on the highlights.

GAME 1-Dawn of War, Annihaltion.

Drew a Eldar/Eldar list with a jetbike council and pathfinders. Few questionable calls on rules were let slip (can you fortune before they move on the board? And can you claim the jetbike free move in the assault phase if you turboboost?) but end result was a loss for us.

GAME 2-Pitched Battle, Seize Ground, 5 objectives.

Against a combined Marine/Mech guard list. Were agains the guys who overall came last, but thanks to some awful shooting and deepstriking mishaps we were close to a draw. They were very slow in deployment and movement, so the game ended on turn 4. Highlights include a 10 man assault squad deepstriking in, rolling a 1 to run, not spreading out at all and taking 90% casulties from a battlecannon next turn... We win!

GAME 3-Spearhead, Capture and Control.

Against another Tau, allied with Blood Angels. Highlights broadsides actually managing to kill something! They'd gone 2 games so far and had survived both of them, but had only imobilised a Wave Serpent, a Drednaught and a Land Raider so them blowing a Death Company drednaught apart was very welcome! Other highlights were 1 lone firewarrior sitting in a bunker and survivning an auto cannon + heavy bolters from a stormraven, devilfish fire and a battlecannon shot that scattered 9 inches onto him to hold our objective on the last turn! Result - We win!

GAME 4-Pitched Battle, Capture and Control.

Played a Chaos Marines List with 2 defilers, and a few demon princes, including the beautiful FW one. These guys took best painted army in the end and definently deserve it. Firewarriors were especially useless this game, as were the broadsides again, only managing to wound a DP once, and blow a rhino up...Highlights include the sentinel holding up a squad of CSM armed with krak grenades and 1 power fist for 4 full turns before exploding, a defiler falling 1 inch short of assaulting the Vanquisher Russ, which then blew him apart the following turn and a squad of firewarriors rapid firing a squad of CSM on an objective, causing 14 wounds, and having all of them saved (grrrr). Result - We lose :(

GAME 5-Spearhead, Annihaltion.

Against an ork list, with over 100 bodies on the table...only made it to the end of turn 4 cos of sheer volume and time of moving. 2 huge boyz units and 2 huge grot units charging under a landing pad gave the battle cannnons plenty to shoot...if it weren't for their massive scatter everyturn. Again my broadsides proved their worth, and took 4 turns to immobilise 1 KillaKan...*sigh*...would say they weren't worth their points but they absorbed so much loota firepower...Highlights including the sentinel holding 2 seperate units of deffkoptas in combat from turn 2 till end of game...and on turn 3 having a boyz unit try to kill it (cos the Koptas couldn't hurt AV12)...only for them to fail to damage with their furious charge, and then them be stuck in combat with it as well, a shokkgun going double 1 and taking himself and a unit of lootas to the grave for 2 nice killpoints, and a unit of grots with a big mek assaulting the broadsides, who's frisbee shield drones killed 2, killed 3 more with their own attacks, forced a retreat, ran them down and killed them for another 2 points...End Result - We Win!

GAME 6-Dawn of War, sieze ground, 3 objectives.

Urgh...our only game against a power list. Least fun game as well. Nob bikers and traitor airborne guard. On the deployment that suited them best really. If we'd had them on spearhead might have had a chance...but when they deploy on the centre line...with first turn...nope. Highlights include a turn 2 charge from the bikers killing 2 tanks and the sentinel with one squad, in one round of combat, firewarriors holding one bike in combat for 2 turns and my broadsides finally managing to earn their points back. The lone suit had 1 drone killed in turn 2 so ran away (stupid really), so the other 2 managed to kill 3 Vendettas and 1 Vulture, survived an amazing amount of firepower and manged to clear one objective of guardsmen in the last turn. 1 nob biker squadron hold centre 2 objectives so we lose

Good fun this weekend, did a lot better than we expected to (11 out of 28). We were a mere 56 victory points behind 10th place...and if we'd got our WYSIWYG points (2 of the guardsmen didn't have grenades) we'd have come 7th. Still it was amazing fun and i can't wait for next one in April...but by then people had better look out...

The Dark Eldar are on their way :D

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

And away!

Right i'm off to the In Laws for a week (joys). so thought i'd leave you with 3 things...

1) CoD Black Ops is ace, and if you don't play single player on Veteran you're a pussy

2) DE codex is amazing. The fluff is deep and rich, exactly what was needed, the models are wonderful and the rules are a perfect balence, nearly every unit is competitive (nearly...Quins are the poor CC choice in Elites, i'm still not sold on scourges, and hellions don't do it for me)

3) My double tourny army is done...heres a poor picture of the Battlesuits on the shelf