Friday, 30 July 2010

A Bird! A Plane! No is FW's flying dog Skull

Seriously? Not only does it look like a flying dog skull (complete with snout, ears and eyeballs) but now every space marine army, not just Blood Angels can take a fast skimmer.

We Eldar better get some serious loving in the next codex and IA book....

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

And done...

And hes done. Without a doubt the best painted of all my wraithlords (and probably the rest of my army) hes going to make a fine centre point. The swords worked quite well i think, maybe a bit more practise in the future on things.

Just delved into my army case for the next thing to paint. Got Fuegan, Karandaras, a guardian weapon platform that needs fixing/magnetising and the black reach marine commander. Those should keep me entertained for the next few days.

Going home this weekend for parents 25th wedding anniversary so won't get much done. Then got my girlfriends parents, also 25th anniversary week after that so another long trip.

Monday, 26 July 2010

Upon this rock, he dies

So due to bad weather my painting hours have been short of late, so last two days i've only got about 4-5 hours in (unemployment does have its benefits. Being unemployed gives me time to paint, but no money to buy models with. Getting a job would provide said money, but alas no time to paint)

The base is now done...i think. Don't think theres anything outstanding. This is actual the first space marine i ever painted. Therefore it had to be a space smurf on that slat of ferrocrete. It will also be the last ultramarine ever do as other than one casulty being done in the colours of my friends marines (who is going on fliers base as a kill trophy) from now on they will be done in the colours of my custom chapter (which i have the ideas for but army is well down the line).

Thinking i'm going to push myself on this model, got ideas for the power swords that are probably beyond my ability but gonna give them a try. Hope for better weather and more painting time in!

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Samurai Wraithlord and more High Elves

And the finished article (bar paint of course, but as i type its sitting drying from its base spray). All the weapons, down to the hands are magnetised should they need posing or changing, something i intend to start doing on all models like this. Looking forward to painting him!

Also got this

My newset high elf. The paint scheme definently works on IC's just got to wait and see it on rank and file troops. Gonna have to get better at doing faces now in fantasy, seeing as no helmets to cover faces now!

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Combat Wraithlord

Next wraithlord. Wanted something a little different to the standard so used the marine casulty from the space marine casultie set, lying propped up against the ruins of an imperial city wildly firing his bolt pistol into the 25 foot creature as it pins the marine down and puts the sword to his neck. Also enacted another wish for a wraithlord by giving him a 2nd sword, pointing backwards in a back hand martial stance. Then 2 scatterlasers (obv counts as one, not two or twinlinked for the rules) to the arms for a Warmachine look.

Once this is done I only have...a few more ideas for custom lords. This is my first shot at converting (even if it is only the bended knee). Be finishing the torso and arms tomorrow...

Sunday, 11 July 2010

The High Elves of Corcesceth

So i've decided to start Fantasy in 8th edition. I'm doing High Elves cos I love the models, the rules and generally all things Elvish. But I hate painting in White and Blue so i'm going with something a little different. Written a bit of fan-fluff to explain my colours

Prior to the chaos incursions of dark elves, beasts and deamons that plagued Ulthuan for so long began, before contact with the human civilisations in the Old World, the elves of central Tiranoc lived peacefully off the land in the same way that all of their kin did. This changed during the reign of the Phoenix King Caledor the Second. A massive chaos incursion landed on the coasts in an attempt to avoid the road well travelled and catch their foes unawares, while most of the army was abroad, in battle with the dwarves. After encountering little resistance as expected they came across the army of the Prince Corcesceth waiting for them on the plains of Haedris.
A desperate bloody battle ensued with the Elves fighting heavily outnumbered, buying time for the main armies to mobilise, to reinforce them. However it was a losing battle. The elves were punished heavily. Corcesceth saw his uncle, his brother and his only son killed before his eyes as the battle lines of chaos encroached further across the plain. A flurry of arrows felled his steed from underneath him and dropped him, unceremoniously on the side of the plain. Forces were thin here as an impenetrable forest guarded this flank. As he lay there watching his kin fall, selling their lives dearly on this plain he prayed to Asuryan for deliverance. His prayers were answered with a screech. The forest exploded, near him trees flying and scattering surrounding troops on both sides. But it was not the salvation he had prayed for. Out of the forest strode the Keeper of Secrets, a greater demon of Tzeentch. Corcesceth slumped his head to the ground wondering why his gods had abandoned him on this field when a second deeper screech rang out over the plain. From the black storm clouds advancing over the Chaos lines swept a dragon of jet black scales, burning with an eldritch red glow. As it flew over the lines of battle great gouts of white hot flame erupted from its mouth, immolating the chaos lines, before it swooped in on Corcesceth’s position. The Lord of Change swung his twisted weapon at the dragon only to have it deftly avoided. The dragon lunged in and grabbed the daemons neck in its claws, and in a magically amplified noise, shattered it in two places. It pulled the demons head next to its own, looked into the eyes of the beast and once more unleashed its magical flame into the beasts face. When the dragon released the demon it slumped to the ground, headless and defeated before vanishing back to the warp. Crushed by the loss of the demon and the appearance of the powerful Star Dragon much of the chaos line fled. It was quickly chased down and cut apart by vengeful High Elves.
After the battle the fallen elves were seen to in the respectful manner expected of their kin. The bodies of their enemies were removed, burnt in massive pyres to honour the flame of the dragon that had saved them all. A year later the plains of Haedris, were no longer the green grass they once were, but awash with a new red flower, only growing in places where the dragons breath had cleansed the earth. Prince Corcesceth decided to adopt these colours into his kinsman’s martial uniform as a reminder of the cost of their safety.
However other citizens of Ulthuan regard them with suspicion. Were Corcesceth’s prayers answered by a chaos god before his own? And any elf abandoning the white robes of his race in favour of the blood red of battle must be showing signs of taint mustn’t they? And how did any elf live so long with no signs of ageing? Regardless of these suspicions Corcesceth still rules over the lands, riding into battle astride his saviour, Elarique to keep his lands free, and fought in the great campaign during the reign of Finubar the Seafarer pushing the last great chaos excursion from their lands.

So only one model (2nds underway) at present but I like it personally. Its going to be a while before i'm up to gameplay strength (although the intro box is apparantly High Elves vs Skaven so i'll be getting that probably)

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Cars + Speed + Criterion = Win

Take abreak from wargaming, and painting to talk about games now.

There s basically nothing i want between here and Halo Reach now. Kinda sucks but means i'll finish a lot of games i haven't yet (L4D2, Saboteur, DA;O, Dirt2, Conviction).

And yes this caught my eye. Repeatedly. There might actual be a good Need for Speed game this year. After all Criterion are gods of racing (just look at any game in the Burnout series after 1).

Gorgoues cars, awesome soundtrack and a good online component by looks of it. Looking forward to strapping a set of red and blues on my Lambo and hunting down some street racing scum.

Friday, 9 July 2010

Settled in!

So all moved back in now, got set up, internet and back on the painting horse. Still a member of the unemployed, so unless the interview on monday goes well i won't be funding either of my hobbies for a while i think.

So here something i did earlier...

The first of my 2 Forgeworld Nightwings and the base of it. The base is a resin base from Iron Halo, a top notch company I would recommend...need to buy more for some of my other stuff.

Flyer is sprayed but still not painted, but the base is now painted, to match the rest of my bases (ruined city scape). Flyer is next thing on my list!

In other news I'm heartily considering starting a Fantasy army, probably high elves (i love me point ears). This is promoted by having a nice idea for a very different paint scheme on them (have to wait and see if it works). Just have to wait and see. If Dark Eldar get an announcement at Gamesday (and I eventually find someone willing to employ me) then fantasy might hit the back burner for a little longer.