Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Archon of the Twinned Blades

*Warning* Crappy picture alert *Warning*

So being winter here in England its pretty much dark all day. yes the suns up and its theres plenty of light....but its not very much. So pictures are going to be of low quality!

First of 2 archons i have assembled already. Fluff behind my Kabal uses a pair of twin sisters as kabal rulers. Working on getting it all tidied up, so will share soon. Loved this model to paint, its just so detailed, and i'm reasonably happy with the finish. Agoniser could maybe use a touch or two. Also finished the "hangers" for the raider. Used them as test schemes for the armour before touching the archon,did find one major problem....the Warriors are too detailed! One of them took me 2 hours to finish one soldier...Going to do their raider next, before moving onto other things.

In other news have my Cobra (and a Hornet) ordered so hoping i'll see them soon. Have another comp in February, so need my superheavy finished, and need to finish my 2 Nightwings as well. Now i've started on my Kabal i'll be moving over to them soon

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Week off, what to do....

Yay week off work until christmas, then few days off the other side.

Now what to do...guess i could always embark in an epic painting few days

For those of you who don't frequent the BoLS lounge i've scratch built a Cronos pain engine, so he'll being seeing the brush

My Dark Eldar plans for paint are for Hemo constructs, blue/purple for Kabals, Grey for Wych cults and Red/orange for street gangers. That way they show clearly that each "faction" is seperate, but fight together. So this guys going to be seeing some green!

In other painting bits, got Lelith, Urien, 2 Archons, 1 raider and 20 of both wyches and warriors to do...and a Talos to build/convert. So plenty to keep me busy!

In addition...i've decided to use my newest pay packet (its lovely) and early christmas money to buy a FW Eldar cobra. Got a healthy air force already...need a super heavy. And seeing as the Phantom titan is still in the distance the Cobra will win for time being. I think. Need to balence cobra and scorpion against each other