Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Me very bad...


So i've been bad and not posted for a while. Between my Girlfirends 2 weeks off, my parents wedding anniversary, her parents wedding anniversary and 2 job interviews i've not done a lot. Out of my list I have completed;

Firewarrior Squad
Fire Prism
Dire Avengers
1 XV8 Suit
and most of 1 Devilfish.

Might not make the full list in the 13 days I have left, but gonna keep going.

Pictures to come soon, when I get a new camera (well my lady does, i'll be borrowing it :D) this week.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

The Final 2 Phoenix Lords

Karandaras I finished last week, and anyone who's seen my thread on BoLS will have seen him. Really enjoyed painting him

And 1 day into my challenge i've finished the first model (after 3 days). This guy...i didn't enjoy painting as much. It just felts a bit cluttered, particularly around his left shoulder. Happy with the dragon scales on the tabard and helmet though and the magma-y effect on his greaves. Again another model that only sees play in Apoc games

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

42 day challenge

In 42 days the biggest game of the year comes out. Well for me at least. That is Halo Reach. I'd imaginge once that comes out just about every waking second will be spent on it. So I'm starting my challenge to achieve everything I can in that time frame. Bar a few days at me ladies parents for their anniversary and then a few for her birthday I have plenty of time (unless I find a job real quick). So I challenge myself to see how much i can achieve.

By September 13th i aim to have completed...

1 Nightwing
1 Guardian Squad
All my Dire Avengers
Last Fireprism
My Squad of Fire Warriors
2 XV8 Suits
1 Broadside
1 Devilfish
And have all my outstanding Forge World models built, cleaned and maybe sprayed.

Also want to finish Dirt 2, Split Second and Splinter Cell Conviction in that time.

Having goals keeps me busy!