Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Another Day, Another List with a Twist

So another comp has swung around. Taking place in March, its another 1 day 4 game affair.

But with a twist. You must field a 1250 and a 1750 point list. The 1750 must include the 1250 list completly unchanged. Theres also slightly tigher FoC restrictions on the small list (0-2 for Hvy,Elite and Fast etc).

Anyone in the Wilthsire area of the UK is free (well not free...there is a cost!) to come along and have some fun. And meeting me is always a bonus.


So i've looked at the 1250 i took to the last competition and did reasonably well with. Only problem is i had 3 FA. So it needs tweaking

So I drop the bikers. Use the points to buy a 3rd Obliterator and bulk up the cultists a bit. If my Maths is correct...this is my new 1250 list

HQ 1250 points
Dark Apostle -105pts
14 Cultists, 1 Heavy Stubber – 71pts
14 Cultists – 66pts
10 Chaos Space Marines, with Lascannon and Melta Gun – 170pts
Rhino – 35pts
Fast Attack
Heldrake, Baleflamer - 170pts
5 Spawn, Mark of Nurgle – 180pts
Heavy Support
3 Obliterators, Mark of Nurgle – 228pts
Maulerfiend – 125pts
Defence Line, Quad Gun – 100pts

The 1750 list then opens up to normal FoC, but must contain the above list in full. So additions (500pts exactly);
5 Havocs, 4 Autocannons - 115pts
4 Bikers, 2 Melta Guns and the MoN - 134
5 Terminators, Power Fist, Chain Fist, Combi Melta, Reaper Autocannon, MoT, VotLW, Gift of Mutation - 251pts

Hovocs provide Fire Power. An extra bikers increases survivability of the melta guns. The Terminators can increase my punching power, and do it well

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