Tuesday, 19 March 2013

22,000 points...and counting

So I decided ahead of the new Tau book to tally up all my models in an excel spreadsheet so I know what I've got and can write lists a bit easier

Tau is going to be interesting for me, as its the first time an army I've played that is being updated. It'll happen a 2nd time in a few months for Eldar's release.

After measuring up the Tau I kept going ....onto my Chaos. Then my Eldar. Then my Dark Eldar. The last two I managed to do from memory.

Tau - 2048
Chaos - 3239
Eldar - 10,578
Dark Eldar - 3968
Total - 19,833

All of these are as modelled details and include no options, like Runes, Powers, Marks, vehicle upgrades....(Physic Powers and Runes on my Eldar Seer Council are 700 points alone)

With a few sensible options on top and a few random models for Orks, Deamons and Loyalist Space Marines, I've probably totalled 22,000 in my armies.

Just in time to see my Tau army lose a few points in value (cos stuff will get cheaper) and add another 1000 points of shiny new to it :P.

Currently planning on getting a Riptide, another Hammerhead, Pathfinders and some more Crisis Suits, maybe including Farsight if his rules are good

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