Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Dark Heresy Log 3. Of Titans and Terror


So where were we? Oh yeah. 2 thirds of a key. We advanced into the final wing of the house in hope of finding the third. We entered a large ball room with several long banquet tables laid out. Each seat held a dead body, whom a medicae test showed had been poisoned, likely by the food. However, despite nobel dress, the people were all peasants, working class smucks in fancy clothes. Mordacai and Ruddy advanced up the tower with Jerichus, our guardsmen following behind.

By the time Jerichus reached the top....Mordacai and Ruddy were into their third course of a great banquet. Luckily, it healed all their wounds at the slight cost of a few corruption and insanity points. When Jerry refused to sit, a apparation flew out a painting and attacked. A semi auto shotgun and a righteous fury roll put that ghost down hard, releasing our 2 from their feasting. When the ghost was banished, the food rotted to mulch, causing our two the throw up....again. It also rewarded us with the final third of the key.

We proceeded to the Nave, repaired the key and prepared to open the door behind the clock. Upon unlocking it we were met with a large dark chasm, with a simple ladder leaving down. Drake dropped his glowglobe down the shaft....and it kept going for a while before it sunk into some fluid at the bottom.

Drake started to climb down...and failed his climb roll, and fell
I started to climb down...and failed my climb roll, and fell
Mordacai started to climb down...and failed his climb roll, and fell
Ruddy started to climb down...and failed his climb roll, and fell
Jerichus started to climb down...and failed his climb roll, and fell

Hudson and Khan decided to not try and stayed in the church while we searched underground. We quickly learned the secrets of the complex - The Cathedral was merely the upper levels of a partially buried Imperator Class Titan. We tried to activate minimal power to learn of the titans mission and intents from the Cogitator. However upon opening the generator to restart the power, 4 demons attacked.

I failed my Fear and passed out
Jerry managed a single shot, killed one, then jammed his gun and he was attacked and was pretty badly wounded
Drake failed his fear and collapsed.
Mordacai and Ruddy ran

It was not going well. Hudson and Drake rallied everyone and we killed them....but not before Khan perils on his psychic test. Gravity reversed and we all started flying the air...some of use were lucky enough to grab hold. But not our unconcious guardsmen. He hit the ground so hard his arm fell off. Bugger. We all rushed to the medical room to patch up our wounds. unfortunatly while we regrouped in the room and healed up our holes, a servitor came online and finished refuelling the titan....to full power. Before we could stop it, the titan stood to its full height, releasing the deamon he'd been sat on for 5000 years. Which promptly tried to kill us. The Titan on his side, helped us by informing us that the gun in the Nave that we'd seen on our way in was active. We rushed upstairs, battled a few furies and armed the gun. And fired it. 5000 years of corrosion turned the siege cannon into a gigantic shotgun. It also had the unfortunate side effect of exploding and nearly killed Ruddy. The demon fiercly wounded landed in the nave and did mortal combat with us. After a lot of wounds it finally fell. Just as it fell we determined where the Titan was heading. We had returned to the Gilded Cathedral. Before we could act the Plasma Blastgun opened up on the Holy Building, melting the gold   building and revelaing the Black Sepulchre, still intact.

Upon descending from the Titan we entered the Sepulchre and were treated to a one off video, that burned upon completion. It showed a great conspiracy within the Eclisearchy, going all the way up to the Arch Cardinal of the sector.

Our Inquisitor was not pleased, with the 10,000 civilians killed nor the destruction of the holy site. And as the vid had burned, we had no evidence to support our claims. But he luckily believed us and prepared to do some research. But for now we rest....another mission will turn up soon


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