Monday, 22 April 2013

New Eldar - Thoughts

So by now everyone who's interested has likely seen the plastic Farseer that's leaked. I'm not gonna repost it though. I'll say I like it in general from what I can tell of the pieces, but don't like the Head.

I'm instead going to talk about what I want from the new book. Anyone who reads my blog or knows me knows that my Eldar are in storage pending a new codex. I have a large collection but its very hard to use them for fun now. They're just so underpowered in the current game, I'd rather play my Tau or my Chaos right now.

But we've got a new book soon. So what do I want

- Please don't nerf Wraithlords. I love them and have so many. Please make them better or equivilent I'd almost accept a S and T decrease for a reduced cost and more attacks.
- Improve Wraithguard/New Wraith Construct. I would happily run a Wraith army again
- Points cuts across the board especially on heavy weapons. 40 points for a Lance is disgustingly expensive
- Farseers back where they should be AKA top of the pysker tree
- An Assault tank of some kind
- A flier might be cool, but the Nightwing is already pretty good
- Improve DA range. If not, make em cheaper.
- Make guardians worth taking. Multiple heavy weapon platforms
- Warlocks acting like the guys in SW. Buy as a unit and split em up

We'll know in a few weeks....

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